Paint Correction And Ceramic Coating

As a car owner you always want your car to look brand new and sparkling, not only because it reflects your personality, it also keeps the resale value at its peak. Any Imperfection will not only bring down the resale value, it is also not a good impression on other people. When you have got a color damage on your car during a hailstorm, Hail Repair Solutions Denver can help you get the best Paint correction and ceramic coating services in Denver.

Old cars may also lose their lustre and Shine with time and paint corrections jobs can bring that newness to your car back. If you want a paint correction job for your car, you should hire someone experienced and licensed to do it for you. Companies that has a good reputation should be the one you should hire.

Paint Correction

During the paint correction job the imperfections on the car’s metal surface and paint work are removed. The imperfection may be caused due to weathering, rust, getting old, or hailstorm. Paint correction is not only a visual enhancement to increase the aesthetic value of the car, it also provides a protective layer to the car and removes minor damages from the paint. This can increase the longevity of the car’s original paint, and make your car look fresh, clean and beautiful.

These imperfections cannot be removed with simply washing your car or polishing it. Proper paint correction is required to get your car back to its original luster.

At Hail Repair Solutions Denver the first step to paint correction is to clean the top layer to remove all the dirt and debri. This process involves multiple steps using chemicals and solution and clay process to get the paint primed for the next step. In the next step, a buffer pad is used to polish out any imperfections on the painted surface, whether it’s fine scratches, swirl marks, water pots etc. Using the right type of derailers and several steps of polishing to restore the Shine and remove all the imperfections. The last step is putting a protective coat over the restored surface to lock everything in.

Paint correction needs a lot of tools and Chemicals to be used which are available with Hail Repair Solutions Denver. We have done this job for thousands of cars and we know how to do it the factory way . You will get a car after paint correction that is brand new and perfect looking.

Ceramic Coating

Ceramic coating does the same thing as a paint correction, however, it is an upgrade to paint correction to make your car look new and flawless. Normal washing of your car does not give your car the shine it initially had. When you drive your car for a long time minor scratches, damages, accumulation of Dirt, water stains and other unsightly things on the body of your car is common. Once you have ceramic coating those imperfections will vanish. It is one of the most durable and effective ways of getting your car that new and shiny. Ceramic coating is nanotechnology where a fine layer of invisible coating is applied over the top of the existing paint. It is a hydrophobic, UV resistant, scratch free material that gives your car that special shine and newness.


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