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We are all well aware of the fcat, how damaging hail storms can be to your vehicles. It is very difficult to predict when you will get normal rainfall and when you will get a hail storm.

In our experience we have seen hail storms happen mostly during the rainy season and affect thousands of articles in the Denver area. At Hail Repair Solutions Denver, we provide all the available repairs for auto damages during the hail storm. We make sure you get the best possible services at the best possible prices in Denver hassle-free.

If you are looking for a car body shop you can trust, come to us. We provide referrals from previous customers. Our prices are reasonable and we take almost all auto insurances.

Whatever hail damage your car may have, we can help! Hail repair Solutions Denver offers top-notch hail repairs in Denver. Give us a call today.


The most common type of problem we solve at Hail Repair Solutions Denver is getting rid of small dings and dents caused by hail storms. The hailstones can hit the car’s bonnet, the car’s hood and very rarely the doors. Hail storm not only causes indentations on the metal surface, it also causes scratches on the metal surface. We repair dents in two ways. First is the traditional method, in which we fix the bigger dents that are more than 4 inches deep and wide. In this traditional method we use a filler putty to fill up the indentation then send it down and then paint it. Although, the most popular method is PDR for Paintless Dent Removal where we use techniques and tools to get the metal surface to its original position by force or gradual pressure.

It is always good to remove the dents as soon as you get them because the dents may not seem like a big issue but they do decrease the aesthetic value of your car. They are like a sore thumb in lots of ways. Some vehicle owners simply don’t bother to fix them. However people don’t ignore them like you do. Everyone can see how you’re maintaining your car. It shows your approach towards your work and personal life. You don’t want to put a bad impression of yours on others. Not to mention leaving dents on the car can make the metals to rust and the resale value to decrease.

With our years of experience we have seen that most of the dents can be removed with PDR method. The Paintless Dent Repair method is fast, economical and more efficient. It takes less time and doesn’t damage other parts of the car. The PDR can fix little dents, nicks, small hail damage repairs and sometimes the bigger dents depending on the type of car it is. Our experts perform PDR method professionally, removing the dents. Using PDR means you won’t have to spend your hard earned money on repainting your vehicle, you won’t have to sand the old paint, don’t have to pay for the primer or anything else that goes with it. Hail Repair Solutions Denver we are experts at Paintless Dent Removal, so you can trust us to give you the best possible service as fast as possible.

Scratch And Chip

Scratches and chips are another thing that can occur during a hail storm. With strong wind that accompanies the hail storm it makes the hailstones impact the vehicle in a tangential fashion which chips off the paint from the surface. And it causes chips not only on the metal surface but also on the glass. At Hail Repair Solution Denver we provide fixes for all these damages. We can fix the paint. We can fix the chips and scratches on the surface of the glass. We apply primer, color VIN to match the paint, clear paint thinner are some of things we use to get rid of scratch. We will evaluate which gets the best results and do the process accordingly. We make sure that the car looks like it looked before the damage.

Glass Damage

During a hail storm if there is something that gets affected the most then those are the auto glass. The auto glass is a brittle material it is unprotected and gets damaged when you are driving down the road and the hailstones are coming down along with the speed of the Wind. At Hail Repair Solution Denver we will determine whether your windshield, door glass or back glass need complete replacement or repair. Driving with a broken auto glass is dangerous and not recommended. That’s why we provide fast and effective solutions for your auto glasses.

Vehicle Hail Damage Repair

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